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Nickerson Arena Curtain Lease / Purchase Program


Nickerson Arena Curtains is pleased to announce a new financing tool that can provide arena curtain systems to you with no initial cash outlay and reasonable monthly payments.


How does it work?

  • A contract would be awarded to Nickerson for the curtain system.

  • Nickerson, in turn, will sell the contract to one of our leasing associates for the contract amount.

  • The arena then would enter into an agreement with the leasing company to make lease payments over a five-year period.

  • At the end of the five-year period, or sooner if payments are accelerated, the arena buys the curtain system for one dollar.



     Lease payments can be arranged on a monthly basis or yearly. Sales tax is paid on each payment. If a government agency is the lessee there is no sales tax and the cost of the lease will be a little less.



     What kind of dollars does an arena have to generate to make the system pay? Lets look at a typical half house curtain system. Three hundred feet wide, 65 feet high, complete with truss, drape, chain motors, controls, and initial installation. Typical cost would be in the range of $150,000.00. The arena would need to generate $2,928.00 plus tax for the monthly payment. At the end of five years the system would belong to the arena.



     An upper deck house reduction system could run as high as $500,000.00. The price would include a complete turnkey operation, with the most advanced house reduction system on the market. Sixty payments of $9,760.00 would cover the cost.



     These figures are estimates and could change depending on the cost of money at the time of the contract. Keep in mind that now is a very good time to buy, interest rates are low. Also remember that rates will be lower for government agencies.



     Nickerson is a leader in arena curtain design and innovation. You will receive personal service from an organization that has installed hundreds of curtains throughout the United States.



Call Stephanie Keller at 631.666.0200 x 22 or for more information.
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