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Upper Deck Masking • Half House & Vomitory Curtains • Seat Covers

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Arena Space Division

Welcome to Nickerson Arena

Nickerson Arena Curtains


  • House Reduction Curtains

  • Half House Curtains

  • Vomitory Curtains

  • Seat Covers

  • Concourse Curtains

As turnkey projects for arenas and sports stadiums. And we now offer arena curtain inspections.



Every project is unique and Nickerson has the capability and experience to tailor a curtain system to meet your needs. From custom hardware to durable fabrics we can create a curtain system that will provide trouble free service.


Upper Deck Masking: 
Our single motor drive system eliminates chain motor and single cable support. The system does not require cables to travel across the roof structure. All mechanical components are within the line of the curtain and are concealed within the curtain valance. Arena conversion can be accomplished by one person in about thirty minutes.

Half House Curtains: 

Truss and drape systems are engineered for flexibility, easy storage and quick turnaround. Our sewing department can fulfill all your curtain needs.


Installation is always a key factor in making curtain systems work as intended. Nickerson has the capability and experience to do the job right the first time and work within the frame work of your schedule.

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